Ages: 2.5 - 4 years


The department supports/teaches children with immaturity and/or disorders in their development. The services provided aim at strengthening the children’s development, at empowering parents’ skills as carers, as well as minimizing developmental risks and the emerging need for health and special education services in the school years.

The Early Intervention team has an interdisciplinary synthesis (developmental pediatrician, child psychiatrist, developmental psychologist, preschool educator, speech therapist, occupational therapist, social worker) and it assesses the developmental level of the child, in combination with family relationships, the needs and abilities of the children and their parents and intervenes individually for each child and family. In addition, it forms the connecting link for collaboration with the local health and educational organizations.

A quality group program is provided which simulates a child care centre with a small teacher- to-student ratio as well as individual educational, speech therapy and occupational therapy sessions.


The goals of the program are:

  • to increase attention-concentration span
  • to develop speech, language and communication skills
  • to develop thinking skills and the logical understanding of the environment
  • to develop emotional intelligence
  • to improve motor skills and visual-motor coordination in combination with play and learning
  • to develop the necessary skills for activities of daily living
  • to engage the children creatively in enjoyable activities in a quality environment

Implemented using:

  • Short or full term preschool programs based on scientifically documented methods such as ΤEACCH, PORTAGE, MAKATON, Sensory Integration.
  • Parent cooperation for the application of programs at home
  • Parent counseling


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