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Special Physical Education and Sports

Musical Expression

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Special Physical Education and Sports

Specially designed group programs, for the Foundation’s children and young adults, adapted to their age and physical needs, based on adapted methods and techniques, using appropriate equipment and areas.The programs contain the elements of play and competition giving our children and young adults the ability to develop their physical skills (endurance, strength, speed, flexibility), team spirit, cooperation skills, mutual respect, respect for rules and in general appropriate interpersonal relationships.

Simultaneously, they contribute to the improvement of mental and emotional functions, such as volition and self-control, and effectively assist in free time organization.

Educational Aims of Special Physical Education:

  • Improvement of motor level functioning and motor potential.
  • Development of good physical condition
  • Integration and smooth adjustment into the environment
  • Preparation for social and vocational rehabilitati
In addition, the involvement of our youth in Special Sports (athletics, basketball, swimming) enables them to participate in Sporting Competitions organized by both Theotokos Foundation and by various other organisations in the field of Special Education.




Musical Expression

Μουσική Έκφραση

Music, choir and orchestra programs are implemented as part of the Foundation’s educational support interventions framework. These programs enable participants to explore creative ways of expression whilst also developing their music skills. As part of the music program, percussion groups have been created in which the individuals who participate have varying abilities and difficulties. In this way, the concepts of acceptance and mutual respect are reinforced.

Educational Goals


  • Socialization
  • Concentration of attention
  • Development of initiative
  • Active participation
  • Development of rhythmical skills
  • Participation in the music with the body and the voice

The music groups’ functioning is based on the fact that sound, music and movement assist communication, emotional involvement and the socialization process. Furthermore, the development of self-esteem has a positive effect on participation in other programs.
The creation of the choir and the band which supports it has as a key objective the utilization of the youth's potential and talent.  In the spirit of teamwork, the young adults interact, experiment and create their repertoire of Greek and foreign songs.
The choir and band represent the Foundation by participating in external and internal events.


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Computer Workshop


Goals and Activities

The aim of the workshop is for participants to come into contact with new technologies and to learn to use computers as a source of knowledge, correct communication and entertainment.
The Computer Workshop provides education through alternative technological activities, which aim at the development of skills in the computing environment (computability) and education in various IT environments.

Specifically, the workshop’s program includes : 

    • Basic skills in the computing environment which concern understanding and using input devices (keyboard, mouse etc.) accompanied by the reinforcement of cognitive function for comprehending the computing environment.
    • Training in the Microsoft Office environment (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Internet Explorer).  The methodology used in the Computer Workshop is step-by-step education, which is enhanced by the workshop’s arrangement (10 computers in a curved row and 2 screens showing the educator’s desktop). This enables many participants to acquire the required skills and abilities to process activities in the computing environment.
    • Support of the learning program achieved through the participants’ engagement with educational software  which encourages cognitive processes in a variety of learning subjects and provides the opportunity to approach learning in a different way.
    • Operation of an electronic Journalism group which aims at enriching communication and encouraging group work in the technological environment of the workshop. The newsletters “Ehoume Apopsi” and “Melisanthi”, in cooperation with the Vocational Preparation and Promotion Centre (KEPP), are a result of this endeavor.
    • Navigation and obtaining information on the internet aims at broadening ones information and knowledge base. Web addresses are selected which provide the participants with information that can be utilized in other activities in the computer workshop, in their departments or in their everyday life in general. The educational goal of this program is for the individual to use the internet, which is now part of our everyday lives, safely and to his or her advantage.
    • Recreational program selection for recreational purposes but also as motivators and as rewards after completing work.

in Particular:

  • The aim of the workshop is for the participants to gain a fairly good level of knowledge and work habits, in order to perform in the context of a "virtual enterprise".

Collaborations and Visits

  •  In the spirit of cooperation, a group of young adults created a presentation as a performance which addresses the dangers of the Internet and they presented this to visitors from Athens College and from Moraitis School.

Guides - Scouts

The Greek Guiding Association has been voluntarily cooperating with the Foundation for many years. The aim of the Guides-Scouts program is to contribute to the shaping of the children’s and youth’s personalities, for both girls and boys, in order for them to develop into responsible and conscious citizens, active participants in the creation of a better world.
The Vision of the Greek Guiding Association is one of continuous improvement and of responding quickly to current needs, functioning as a dynamic and innovative action for growth and culture in our country. It is an innovative pedagogical organization.
Through the Group’s activities, participants learn to live in groups, to cooperate, to express themselves, to decide and to evaluate through games. The groups can include girls and boys from five years of age regardless of religion, race, political beliefs, etc.