Evaluation with ICF / ICF- CY (Child Youth)

In 2013-2014 the Foundation implemented the European co-financed project “Digital Convergence”.

Based on this specific project, the following were developed:

  • Digital Welfare File, for the digital management and the further utilization of welfare data, deepening the interdisciplinary functioning of our scientific and educational personnel.
  • Internet portal
  • Serious games (Interactive educational games)
  • Digital library
  • Online applications and transactions
  • Tele-counseling

The basic core of the new digital welfare file was, initially, to digitally record all of Theotokos’ service users based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth ICF and ICF-CY.

The ICF can be characterized as a versatile classification system designed to serve various disciplines across several sectors and can be useful for a wide range of diverse applications, e.g. social security, evaluation of health care management and population surveys at the local, national and international level.

Specifically it has been designed so as to:

  • Provide a scientific base for understanding and studying health and health-related conditions, outcomes and critical factors.
  • Establish a common language for describing health and health-related conditions, in order to improve communication between different users (health care workers, researchers, policy makers as well as people with disabilities).
  • Allow comparison of the available data across countries, across disciplines that provide health services and across health services.
  • Provide a systematic coding scheme for health information systems.

As an extension, the Interdisciplinary Team at Theotokos is endeavoring to plan individual therapy and education intervention based on the results of classification with the ICF, an effort which is considered innovative and is currently in progress.