Serious Games


Digital Games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment for many children as well as adults. Play, in its many forms, is used to catch children’s attention and to help them develop and exercise their sensory and perceptual skills as well as their cognitive skills. In the last decade, the use of digital games with an educational and therapeutic objective has been integrated into educational and research programs and many schools have begun using games to teach concepts such as time management, action planning, responsibility, correct social behavior and social acceptance. Through the use of appropriately designed digital games, involvement in social-cooperative activities as well as reflex and motor skill development is made possible.
Scene and role interchanges, along with the interactive character of the play-like activity, enable digital games to influence one’s attitude towards learning objectives positively, as well as promoting the understanding of sensitive issues in a safe way.

Thorough research studies refer to the effectiveness of the use of digital games concerning language, arithmetic and higher cognitive functioning development, as well as the development of social, pre-vocational and vocational skills. Important factors are how friendly, accessible and enjoyable a game is and mainly how it adapts to the learning process and the needs of each trainee.

At Theotokos Foundation, serious games are utilized by the educators in various forms according to the trainee’s needs and always with the appropriate guidance from specialized scientific personnel. Some of the relative activities are specialized digital game design, individualized learning through digital games, use of augmented reality games, as well as game design by the trainees themselves.

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