Transition Program


Ages: 29 to 35 years


The Transition Program is the Foundation’s newest department and has been operating since 2008. It is a vocational preparation and promotion program and addresses young adults aged 29 – 35 years who are graduates from the Foundation’s Vocational Workshops or who come from the community.


The program’s objectives are preparation for social inclusion and promotion into the labor market.

It aims at improving and further developing their vocational skills as well as their personal development so that they can acquire the ability to participate equally in employment and social activities.

The program includes activities which promote the acquisition of workplace behaviors and activities of daily living and the ability to examine subjects of general interest and to create material for presentations.

Furthermore, emphasis is placed on the young adults’ socialization by organizing visits to places of interest, workplace visits and excursions. In general, the ability to live independently is reinforced.

The organization of the program is based on the three axes of Work, Communication and Organization of Life and concern:

  • Employment issues
  • External programs
  • Road safety education
  • Personal hygiene - appearance
  • Area cleanliness
  • Carwash Workshop
  • Copper Workshop
  • Soap workshop
  • Icon workshop
  • Environment - Recycling
  • Gardening
  • Cookery
  • Organization - leisure time
  • Learning skills


In parallel with the core program, individualized programs are conducted when necessary.




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