Theotokos Foundation

"THEOTOKOS" Foundation is a non-profit welfare organization (private law entity) and has been operating continuously since 1963. It is managed by a 9 member Honorary Board of Directors and is supervised by the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Welfare. The Foundation is located in the Municipality of Ilion and is situated on 51 acres of land with about 7,000 m2 of buildings. 

Special education and therapy services are provided to preschool children aged 2,5 - 5 years (early intervention) and to teenagers aged 14 - 20  years with developmental delays, developmental intellectual disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Vocational training and rehabilitation are provided to young adults aged 20 – 35 years. Family environments are supported and intervention is implemented when necessary.

More than 5,000 individuals have been supported and have received services during the 52 years of the foundation’s operation. Currently, 370 children and young adults attend daily, of which, about 60 are from poverty-stricken families without social security. They are all supported by innovative programs, exemplary for Greece and Europe.

The foundation employs 93 staff members (scientific, administrative and support personnel). 


Our Vision….

To evolve into an exemplary assessment, education and rehabilitation organization, in Greece and Europe, and to have a central and essential role in the creation of a world where persons with intellectual developmental disorders  and autism spectrum disorders will have equal rights in life and work.

Our Mission…

To continuously improve and to use innovative approaches, through continually adapting specialized programs, in order to prepare children and young adults with intellectual developmental disorders  and autism spectrum disorders so that they can  live, work and participate in everyday life. 

Our values are…


Respect of rights and human dignity

To respect the personal life of service users with intellectual developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders and their families and to ensure their rights. Confidentiality and devotion to our work is the core of our relationships with our trainees.


Contribution to the community

We all have something to offer to the community in which we live and we all gain from the procedure of offering.



Social inclusion is about the adjustment of society in order to include the person with intellectual developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders, as well as the person adjusting smoothly to society. The procedure of inclusion and the effort is mutual.



Empowerment of persons with intellectual developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders is better succeeded when they feel that they belong to society, that their value is recognized and when they have a motive to create and offer.  



The effort to create a sense of hope and equal opportunities for all the persons we offer our services to.



All our services are planned in a way to minimize social exclusion of persons served and the technique of simulation in vocational training is promoted. Vocational education and training are provided as close as possible to the reality of work and society.


Corporate values…

In a cooperative, communicative, united, honest and committed environment, the Board, the Management, the staff, the “Friends of Theotokos” Union, the parents and the parent and employee associations, offer in a united and transparent way, services that respect, include, empower and ensure equal participation of persons with intellectual developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders in education, training, society and work.